A New Cousin!

Today we beat the odds and hit NO traffic as we went out to Long Island to visit our new cousin Sarah…along with existing cousins, Rebecca, Gab, and Anthony.  

Rebecca and Ethan were very excited to play together…and to break bread together…



And introducing, cousin Sarah.   Welcome to the party…


We also got to see Rosalie and Grand Uncle Howie and Debbie who just got back from scuba diving in Mexico.  Yet ever since we left Uncle Howie, Ethan can't stop talking about how important it is we have a generator for the house…we can store it in the basement and they're real cheap right now at Home Depot.

"Is this Cinderella phone tri-band or quad-band?  And let me know if you're on Verizon or AT&T…"


And while we were there — Ethan made good use of the Sunday circulars…


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