Road Trip!

This weekend we took E up to Burlington, Vermont for a little road trip.


We had a great hotel room on the top floor with a beautiful view of Lake Champlain.   Ethan decided that he'd take the big bed and Mom & Dad could sleep in the pack and play…


We took a ferry ride across the lake to get to Vermont.  We walked around Church Street, which is the main drag in Burlington and ate at a bunch of great restaurants along the way.  We also went down to the boardwalk on the water, went to a Farmers Market in town, and spent some time driving around and checking out the city – and we even got to check out UVM…Ethan's 1st visit to check out a college!

On Saturday afternoon, we took E to Shelburne Farms – which is about 10 minutes outside of Burlington – where among a lot of neat things, they had a petting zoo.  As you'll see in the video's, E LOVED it.

The first 2 video's – E meets a calf…Moo. 

Here E gets up close and personal with a donkey…I think… 

Some more pictures from Shelburne Farms… 

20070804_839.JPG  20070804_794.JPG

20070804_800.JPG 20070804_813.JPG

E is starting to walk…or at least trying to walk and we realized that even though Burlington is a hippie town, it probably wasn't a good idea to let E walk around barefoot eveywhere – so the big guy even got a new pair of kicks along the way…


And despite being a 2 foot terror at the restaurant Saturday night – E made up for it by showing mom how much he loves her… 


We took the road less traveled home and on the way we stopped and had lunch in Lake George.  When E is big enough – were going back and were renting wave runners!!  

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