The Bris. Oy!

Today was Ethan's bris.  Needless to say, mom & dad were a bit nervous leading up to the event.  But everything ended up going as smooth as it possibly could.  Laurie made enough food to feed a sold out Giants Stadium and send everyone home with leftovers and all the relatives, friends, and assorted Jews who came were able to "kvell" over little E.


Ethan got to hang with Grandpa Alan (left) and Zayda (right).

img_0046.JPG   img_0043.JPG

And we got to see Cousin's Lana (left) & Rebecca (right).  Lana apparently enjoys yelling, throwing things on the floor, and rubbing pineapple on her arms.  We also had fun feeding Lana tons of kiwi and fruit and can't wait to hear how the plane ride back to Florida was tonight for Caryn. :)

102906_0011.JPG  102906_0002.JPG

These pictures are from the actual ceremony – the praying part, not THAT part.  All our family got to participate and no one passed out…okay, I didn't pass out.

img_0066.JPG img_0056.JPG

img_0024.JPG img_0001.jpg

Hanging with the family…one day we'll all be able to sit still for a picture.  That would include me as well.


Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us… 

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