All The Famil-E

This weekend Uncle Josh, Aunt Caryn, and Cousin Lana came up from Florida to visit Ethan and the fam in Tarrytown.  Ethan was very excited for them to stay at his crib…so to speak.  On Saturday the whole family came over for brunch — Nana & Poppie, Zayda & Gramma Laurie, and Gabrielle, Anthony, and cousin Rebecca.

For the record, we did try to get a photo of Ethan, Lana, and Rebecca all together – and though it was a good idea in theory, the execution was a miserable failure.

Lana surveys the kitchen and asserts that there is definitely some potential here.  Though the walls would like a bit nicer with some applesauce and cheese on them. 


Ethan was very happy when Zayda showed up…but he wasn't about to fall for the new trick Zayda taught cousin Lana…

041407_0015.JPG  041407_0022.JPG

It did get a little loud in the house at times…

041407_0046.JPG  041407_0049.JPG

But everyone played nice, especially since all the kids took turns wearing the fireman hat…

041407_0010.JPG  041407_0086.JPG

Yes…ALL the kids…


And also since we made sure the kids had nap time as well…


"Yes…before Rebecca knows it – my mind control device will take over her brain and she'll be under my power!  Muhahahahaha!!! Exxxcellent…"


"Okay, okay Nana…a baby, a rabbi, and a priest walk into a bar and the bartender says – 'what is this, some kinda joke?'"


Your gracious host, E, with his trusty sidekick dad before we went outside for a walk around the neighborhood…


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