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Dinner Tonight Was Pretty Good…


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Weekend Activities

Ethan had an exciting weekend back in NY.

Yesterday – we went to Coney Island with Mark, Lauren, and Sienna Hernandez to go to the NY Aquarium.  We saw all kinds of fish, sharks, penguins, and walruses!  We also visited another NY landmark while we were there — the original Nathans.   

20080322_329.JPG  20080322_332.JPG


Today, Ethan and dad spent some QT together at the Scenic Hudson River Park in Irvington.  Ethan got to run around on the playground…


And even took his first ever trot around the baseball field (as dad tried to contain his emotions)…

<<Cue theme song from The Natural>> 


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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part Three

Okay – the 3rd and final installment of the Florida trip.  We did see a lot of people and do a lot of fun stuff with the family while we were there.  Hence, 3 separate posts.  You gotta problem with that??


Here we are at the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center.  We saw all kinds of birds, ducks, turtles, and even alligators!! 

20080319_278.JPG  20080319_279.JPG

20080319_284.JPG  20080319_290.JPG

And here dad, E, and Uncle Josh are at the Pirates Cove Playground…

20080320_306.JPG  20080320_307.JPG

20080320_308.JPG 20080320_302.JPG

Zayda giving Lana a kiss…


Man, all these people at my house this weekend is making me nuts!  I need a drink…


Actually…maybe just a nap…


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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part Two

The 2nd part of the trip was for baby Hudson's bris.  All men collectively say "Ouch!"

Rest up, Hudson…


The main event in front of a sold out crowd of Jews looking to celebrate with the family (and eat as much bagels and lox as humanly possible)…


Mazel Tov!  Next stop…the Bar Mitzvah…


A special guest appearance by Nana the Great…


And look…it's Dad and the Big Guy…


What's wrong with this picture…?


If you said…

Al isn't wearing a Yankee's shirt.  Give yourself 25 points, you're right!

We know you probably thought it had something to do with Al reading a book, but since he's staring at a picture of the farmer doing something to a sheep, we couldn't actually accept "reading" as an answer.  Tune in next week when…hey, did you ever hear of a ball player named Mickey Rivers?

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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part One

This week, Ethan took his 4th airplane ride to Florida to meet his new Cousin, Hudson.  He's becoming quite the experienced traveler, despite the fact that he's only gone from NY to Florida to date.  Yet, he got his first frequent flier mileage account on Continental.

Hudson – you're only a few days old – but what do you wanna do with your life? 



We got to spend time with Cousin Lana.  She took good care of her younger cousin, E, this week. She made a lovely tea party…


And even helped feed him some grub…


Even if some of it was off the floor… 

We wonder who taught E his "silly face"…


It was hard to get Nana and Poppy to sit still, but we managed to get them in a picture with the kids…


We paid a visit to Great Grandma Loraine and went out for lunch.  Ethan had the hot dog and fries which made for lovely floor decorations by the end of the meal…

"I really wanted Pastrami on Rye with some russian dressing, but they keep ordering me hot dogs, Grandma…" 


Looking cute…but thinking about what mischief I can cause…


Thanks for feeding me breakfast again, Cousin Lana.  Here's a kiss to show my appreciation.  (Dads note: It's pictures like this which are why you take 5 billion shots with the digital camera)


Ethan and Lana enjoy a relaxing stroll around Isola Bella.  Yet Ethan is suddenly concerned when he realizes he doesn't have his wallet on him to tip the driver…


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I’m Becoming Civilized…

This morning, Ethan made the leap from eating with his hands (which he still enjoys 99% of the time) and started eating his breakfast with a fork…



Nice job, E!  Notice he's using his left hand to eat?  Can you say…Major League Baseball pitcher?  (Dad's note: Whether or not he's really a lefty or a righty has yet to be determined but we'll be keeping a close eye on the situation)

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Saturday Afternoon with Ethan

Here's Ethan in the big boy chair in the living room today.  He got nice and comfortable for the baseball game…


Rubber Ducky, you're the one…


While Mom was out doing some errands, Dad and E were watching a little New York Mets Spring Training on TV.  Here's E in the big boy chair working the remote control… 


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Getting Ready To Meet Cousin Hudson

While Cousin Hudson gets ready to come home from the hospital, Ethan has been brushing up on his reading skills so he can read bedtime stories while were in Florida…



In this photo you can see:

1. Ethan's new haircut

2. Reading has actually become a "pants optional" activity…


Just like his big sister, Cousin Lana — Cousin Hudson is a man of the times and already has his own website.  Check it out at  When Ethan gets to Florida, he's looking forward to discuss WordPress plugins with his 2 cousins…


Ethan will leave a link for you on the sidebar as well. 

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Cousin Hudson!

Congratulations to Aunt Caryn, Uncle Josh, and Cousin Lana on the arrival of Ethan's new 1st cousin, Hudson Rory Schwartz.   9 pounds, 13 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long!!


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Lets Go Mets!!!

Spring Training is here and the baseball season is right around the corner…


Lets Go Mets!!! 

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