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Be Cool

Yeah…I'm just home, kickin' it…throwin' back a little of the W.M (whole milk).  You know – the good stuff…


I'd love to stay and chat, baby — but I'm a man on the go and I gotta roll…


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Mr. Telephone Man

Nothing clever to say about this.  Just watch the video…

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General Saturday Chaos…I Mean Fun

I've just about got this walking on feet thing down…let me see if I can walk on my hands…


I have an idea…if I'm not hungry, maybe the kitchen floor needs something to eat.  Yeah, that'll work…


I've got my hat on but lets just see them try to get my jacket on me.  And since I've got mom's cell phone I can call for a cab.  I'm ready to roll.

20080105_557.JPG  20080105_558.JPG

It's taking this taxi way too long to get here.  This diaper isn't going to stay dry all day so I gotta get my move on, I'm grabbing the car keys and I'm out…


I know it's bed time, but if I zip my pajamas up all the way – the chicks won't be able to see my ripped abs and chiseled chest…


The Mets hat dad got me a while back finally fits!!  Woo Hoo!  40 days till Spring Training starts!


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It’s the New Year!

Happy New Year to all the Ethan-ites out there that regularly check in on E!

At 14 months and change, Ethan is growing up so fast.  So, he's not exactly potty trained yet, but he does get some of his best work done in the bathroom…


We hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2008!! 

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