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Alright, I'm makin' a ham and cheese samich on wheat — anyone want anything?


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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Ethan Sawyer!

It was a beautiful day in New York today and we took E to Wilkins Farm in Yorktown Heights.  The lines to go apple picking were a bit too long for our taste — I mean, who knew you had to wait on line to go apple picking??  Anyway, while we were there, we figured there was no better time to get a Pumpkin…even though it's 85 degrees out, it's still October…


Yeah…yeah…this one looks good.  I'll take it!


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The Ravioli Incident

I've been meaning to post these pictures.  On Sunday when mom went to brunch with her friends, Dad got to stay home and hang out with E – which also meant feeding him.  


Lets just say it got a bit messy…


Ethan decided that for every ravioli he ate – he'd donate one to the floor…


The aftermath…


And just when you thought it was safe to rub ravioli all over the place — mom comes home just in the nick of time… 

Clap hands! And drop some more ravioli on the floor… 

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