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My New Chair

What's this?  A new chair in the living room for Ethan…?


I like it!!!


And what does one do in his new living room chair?  Of course…watch BASEBALL!!!


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Weekend Update

Ethan had an exciting weekend of being out and about.  Saturday morning we went to the craft show at Lyndhurst where Ethan was able to look at artwork, admire handmade crafts, and throw Teddy Grahams all over the place while saying "Hi!" to everyone that walked by us. 

This weekend he even found a new toy to play with…


By the way…Lets Go Mets!!

20080504_019.JPG  20080504_017.JPG

We also saw our family this weekend.  On Sunday we went to Nana the Great's to see cousin's Lila & Frisco. 

20080504_026.JPG 20080504_023.JPG

When we got there Ethan made himself right at home in Cousin Dana's lap.  Lila didn't like Ethan droppin' in on her turf so soon…


But they became quick buds…


And dad did a bad job on the camera angle for a goodbye kiss.  You can't tell if it's Ethan or David Wright…


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Saturday Afternoon with Ethan

Here's Ethan in the big boy chair in the living room today.  He got nice and comfortable for the baseball game…


Rubber Ducky, you're the one…


While Mom was out doing some errands, Dad and E were watching a little New York Mets Spring Training on TV.  Here's E in the big boy chair working the remote control… 


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Lets Go Mets!!!

Spring Training is here and the baseball season is right around the corner…


Lets Go Mets!!! 

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General Saturday Chaos…I Mean Fun

I've just about got this walking on feet thing down…let me see if I can walk on my hands…


I have an idea…if I'm not hungry, maybe the kitchen floor needs something to eat.  Yeah, that'll work…


I've got my hat on but lets just see them try to get my jacket on me.  And since I've got mom's cell phone I can call for a cab.  I'm ready to roll.

20080105_557.JPG  20080105_558.JPG

It's taking this taxi way too long to get here.  This diaper isn't going to stay dry all day so I gotta get my move on, I'm grabbing the car keys and I'm out…


I know it's bed time, but if I zip my pajamas up all the way – the chicks won't be able to see my ripped abs and chiseled chest…


The Mets hat dad got me a while back finally fits!!  Woo Hoo!  40 days till Spring Training starts!


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Lets Go Mets!!!

Wait a second…this isn't my Mets hat… 


Pewwww!!  Dad, I know you love the Mets and all – but you gotta throw this thing in the washing machine – my diaper champ smells better than your hat…


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Like Father, Like Son

Now which one of these will get me to SNY to watch the Mets game…



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Wednesday with E

"You know, I'm just saying — but it would be nice if you visited the site a bit more often to keep up with me…but don't feel bad — no guilt…"


Today the nanny called in sick so dad stayed home and played Mr. Mom.  E and dad had a good time, eating, reading, napping, playing, rolling over, and of course, watching the Mets beat the SF Giants

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Nice Pajamas

"Please dad, can I stay up and watch one more inning of the Mets game???"


I've gotta get matching pajamas… 

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