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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part Three

Okay – the 3rd and final installment of the Florida trip.  We did see a lot of people and do a lot of fun stuff with the family while we were there.  Hence, 3 separate posts.  You gotta problem with that??


Here we are at the Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center.  We saw all kinds of birds, ducks, turtles, and even alligators!! 

20080319_278.JPG  20080319_279.JPG

20080319_284.JPG  20080319_290.JPG

And here dad, E, and Uncle Josh are at the Pirates Cove Playground…

20080320_306.JPG  20080320_307.JPG

20080320_308.JPG 20080320_302.JPG

Zayda giving Lana a kiss…


Man, all these people at my house this weekend is making me nuts!  I need a drink…


Actually…maybe just a nap…


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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part Two

The 2nd part of the trip was for baby Hudson's bris.  All men collectively say "Ouch!"

Rest up, Hudson…


The main event in front of a sold out crowd of Jews looking to celebrate with the family (and eat as much bagels and lox as humanly possible)…


Mazel Tov!  Next stop…the Bar Mitzvah…


A special guest appearance by Nana the Great…


And look…it's Dad and the Big Guy…


What's wrong with this picture…?


If you said…

Al isn't wearing a Yankee's shirt.  Give yourself 25 points, you're right!

We know you probably thought it had something to do with Al reading a book, but since he's staring at a picture of the farmer doing something to a sheep, we couldn't actually accept "reading" as an answer.  Tune in next week when…hey, did you ever hear of a ball player named Mickey Rivers?

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Ethan’s Trip To Florida – Part One

This week, Ethan took his 4th airplane ride to Florida to meet his new Cousin, Hudson.  He's becoming quite the experienced traveler, despite the fact that he's only gone from NY to Florida to date.  Yet, he got his first frequent flier mileage account on Continental.

Hudson – you're only a few days old – but what do you wanna do with your life? 



We got to spend time with Cousin Lana.  She took good care of her younger cousin, E, this week. She made a lovely tea party…


And even helped feed him some grub…


Even if some of it was off the floor… 

We wonder who taught E his "silly face"…


It was hard to get Nana and Poppy to sit still, but we managed to get them in a picture with the kids…


We paid a visit to Great Grandma Loraine and went out for lunch.  Ethan had the hot dog and fries which made for lovely floor decorations by the end of the meal…

"I really wanted Pastrami on Rye with some russian dressing, but they keep ordering me hot dogs, Grandma…" 


Looking cute…but thinking about what mischief I can cause…


Thanks for feeding me breakfast again, Cousin Lana.  Here's a kiss to show my appreciation.  (Dads note: It's pictures like this which are why you take 5 billion shots with the digital camera)


Ethan and Lana enjoy a relaxing stroll around Isola Bella.  Yet Ethan is suddenly concerned when he realizes he doesn't have his wallet on him to tip the driver…


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Our Weekend in Florida

This weekend Ethan and the family went to Florida to partake in the Jewish ritual of eating all day, complaining about the humidity, and buying lots of clothing in preparation for the birth of Cousin #2.

"So, what do you want to do today?"  "I heard there's a sale on Cheerios at Publix — we can go there…"


Psst…buddy…wanna by a necklace?


When we went to Great Grandpa Dan's house – it was time for attempt #304 at a picture of Ethan and Lana together…Getting closer…


Strike a pose…

20080224_199.JPG  20080224_215.JPG

So…what are you gonna name the kid?  C'mon – you can tell me, Aunt Caryn.  Besides, who am I gonna tell?  I only know 4 words…


Here's how you do it, Cousin Ethan.  Tell us the name!!  Tell us the name or else!!


Ethan is looking forward to going back to Florida in a few weeks to meet his new cousin and find out his name! 

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Christmas in North Attleboro, Mass

Ethan celebrated his 2nd Christmas with his family in North Attleboro, Mass this week. 


It's amazing what a difference a year makes.  Last year at Christmas, E was just a newborn — this year he was walking all over the place, talking (in Ethan talk), dancing, and even sitting at the big boy table.  And not only that — not that Aunt Jan needs any help cooking – but Ethan did help out in the kitchen by organizing the pots and pans — and it was believed that he was the one banging on them repeatedly, but the below picture gave visual proof that he wasn't the only guilty party of making a racket…


"If you're making an Apple pie, try 4 tablespoons of sugar"…


Here Ethan provides a little after dinner "male" entertainment with music provided by the Fridge DJ…


Cousin Brian checks behind Ethan's ear but is perplexed when he finds out that there really isn't a switch that turns the baby off at night.


Who's reading who the bedtime story?  And which one of these boys will be asleep on the couch sooner??


It's Christmas!!  P R E S E N T S ! ! !  (Ethan was excited too)

20071225_353.JPG 20071225_369.JPG

And there's Ethan's Grand Uncle (he's great and grand)…Indiana Bob…


Angered by the dis-organization taking place in the opening of the presents – the Christmas Nazi reveals himself in true shape and form to bring order back to the present opening ceremony…


It's a keeper…


"Wait…what…no more presents to open??"


Readers of should know by now that Aunt Jan and Uncle Bob are truly the hosts with the most and we have a blast everytime we get together with them and the rest of the family.  Ethan says thanks to them for their hospitality and to the entire family for all his great gifts that dad can now put together!   

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Cousin Lana’s 2nd Birthday Party!

This past weekend Ethan took his 2nd plane ride as we went to Florida to celebrate cousin Lana's 2nd birthday! 


We got to celebrate with cousin Lana all weekend…

20071013_999_75.JPG  20071013_999_107.JPG

But we found out that Poppie Joel gets upset when he doesn't get a piece of birthday cake and everyone else does…


The best part is being able to see all our family together…





"Thank you for coming – the presents were faaabulous – now I'm on my way to my spa appointment"


Happy Birthday Cousin Lana!  Don't forget – my place this weekend…


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Road Trip!

This weekend we took E up to Burlington, Vermont for a little road trip.


We had a great hotel room on the top floor with a beautiful view of Lake Champlain.   Ethan decided that he'd take the big bed and Mom & Dad could sleep in the pack and play…


We took a ferry ride across the lake to get to Vermont.  We walked around Church Street, which is the main drag in Burlington and ate at a bunch of great restaurants along the way.  We also went down to the boardwalk on the water, went to a Farmers Market in town, and spent some time driving around and checking out the city – and we even got to check out UVM…Ethan's 1st visit to check out a college!

On Saturday afternoon, we took E to Shelburne Farms – which is about 10 minutes outside of Burlington – where among a lot of neat things, they had a petting zoo.  As you'll see in the video's, E LOVED it.

The first 2 video's – E meets a calf…Moo. 

Here E gets up close and personal with a donkey…I think… 

Some more pictures from Shelburne Farms… 

20070804_839.JPG  20070804_794.JPG

20070804_800.JPG 20070804_813.JPG

E is starting to walk…or at least trying to walk and we realized that even though Burlington is a hippie town, it probably wasn't a good idea to let E walk around barefoot eveywhere – so the big guy even got a new pair of kicks along the way…


And despite being a 2 foot terror at the restaurant Saturday night – E made up for it by showing mom how much he loves her… 


We took the road less traveled home and on the way we stopped and had lunch in Lake George.  When E is big enough – were going back and were renting wave runners!!  

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Catching Up – Last Weekend in Block Island

Just doing a little catch up.  Dad was in his favorite city last week so we didn't get to do any updates.  But Ethan wanted to report out to everyone about his weekend on Block Island for Carley & Dave's wedding…


We were, of course, excited to see Cousin Lana (and Aunt Caryn & Uncle Josh). 

"You tell them I'm having dinner with my cousin E and I'll call them back when I'm in the office…"


Nana and Poppie Joel…all pimped out…


Here's mom with her good looking date…


The only thing missing is a bottle of ice cold, Colt 45 for these two smooth playas…


And here's the happy couple, Carley & Dave.  E says "Mazel Tov!"


Attempt at a family picture…take 45…


Rock on Poppie Joel, Rock on…


Thanks for waiting so long for the update to my website!  Holla!


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Weekend on Block Island (Coming Soon)…

Dad's got a busy week ahead, so updates from our weekend on Block Island…


…and Carley and Dave's wedding will be coming soon to a website near you…


Till then, here's the big guy on the lawn in front of our hotel while we listened to live music.  Ethan was doing what little boys do – play with the dirt and grass…

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Family Reunion in Rhode Island

Ethan was the star of the show this past weekend at the Panoff family reunion in Rhode Island.  Ethan saw the entire family and also got to take his first ever boat ride in the Newport harbor.

Uncle Bob always gets a kick out of Ethan…


I don't know what he's pointing at, but it might be fun to chew on his finger.  Come just a little closer Grandpa…


Oh wait…it doesn't come off?


Up in the sky…it's a bird…it's a plane…it's ETHAN!  And it's cousin Brad making is debut on…MUSH! MUSH!


Ethan and Aunt Sharon…


A couple of pics of the big guy himself…

052607_0045.JPG  052607_0019.JPG

Thanks to Uncle Bob and Aunt Jan — the hosts with the most — for another great family weekend…



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